Look what I found hiding in my locker at work! I was just about to start worrying about my missing order and there it was, reassuringly. My colleague rolled her eyes, “not another one”…

This is by no means a winge about the supplier. I’m just used to the mailroom guy hand-delivering or emailing me to let me know I have a package to collect. Spoilt? Perhaps a little.

This is my second one. Another pearl of Caroline Hirons‘ wisdom. I spritz after cleansing my face and it seems to soothe and help to keep break-outs at bay. My toner of choice. Exfoliating ones seem to make my skin upset…so I’m sticking by this gentler one for now.

La Roche-Posay (L’Oreal) need to sell this in the UK! I’ve told so many people about it and hate seeing their disappointment when they realise they can’t head to the nearest drugstore to test it out.

* Purchased from *


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